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How Does HelloPeter.com Work?

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HelloPeter.com was founded by Peter Cheales in 2000. It is the world’s biggest customer service website. Hellopeter serves as a channel for businesses and consumers to engage with one another directly. Consumers or customers use this platform to report on their positive or negative experiences with companies. The companies also get an opportunity to respond to the complaints. 

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What is Hellopeter.com?

Hellopeter is a website that connects consumers or buyers and companies in South Africa. The platform allows consumers to share their experiences they have with the companies, whether positive or negative. They also get to read about other people’s experiences and see their reviews.

How Does HelloPeter Work?

There are more than 300 businesses that are subscribed to Hello Peter. They pay a yearly subscription fee in order to see the reviews and respond to the reports about their products or services. However, although Hellopeter is not involved in this communication or managing reviews, they do not allow any negative reports such as racism, hurtful speech or slander and they have the right to immediately remove such reports or comments.

Hellopeter website

Once a review has been posted on their site, they do not engage in the complaints or resolve the issue between the business and reviewer.

Once the reviewer published a review on Hellopeter about a specific company, the company that has claimed their profile will get an SMS or email notification.

How to write a review on Hellopeter?

how to post on hello peter: In order to write a review on Hello Peter, you must be a registered user. Register an account by visiting hellopeter.com. Once you’ve registered an account and everything is verified, login into the site. Click on ‘Write A Review’.

You can writer a review about your experience so that the company and other customers can be made aware. You can also search for reviews that mention a particular company or keyword. Read about what other people have said about the company because you might find out that they have the same issue as yours and this will have you resolve your problem. After you’ve written your review and the company has responded, write a follow up message into your review so that other people will know whether the issue was resolved or not.

Ever since Hellopeter was established in 2000, it has helped more than 1 million consumers make informed decisions.

HelloPeter website Features

HelloPeter website Features

Hellopeter website allow consumers or customers to do the following:

  • Write A Review: Hellopeter allows customers to write and publish reviews about companies in South Africa.
  • Social integration: The website allows consumers to sign up using Facebook or Twitter.
  • Supercharge: You pay R49, or use HelloPeter credits in order to see reviews or mentions about your business.
  • Interact with businesses: This feature allows companies to communicate with each other in real time.
  • Find and compare businesses: This HelloPeter feature allows customers to search for companies and see how they respond to reviews and view their HelloPeter Index score out of 10.
  • Request help: If you’ve written a review and the company does not respond, you can ask HelloPeter to help you. HelloPeter will alert similar companies and allow them to give you an alternative solution to your issue.

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