How to reverse eWallet Capitec

How to reverse eWallet Capitec transactions? Capitec eWallet is called Cash Send for those who don’t know it. The service allows Capitec customers to send cash quickly and conveniently to friends and family using Capitec Bank. Capitec Bank clients can now reverse eWallet. The Capitec eWallet reversal process needs to be completed¬†within 45 days of the original transaction.

Please note that you can reverse Capitec eWallet using the app. To reverse Capitec eWallet, you need to call Capitec customer care and speak to an agent or visit the nearest Capitec branch. In this article, you will learn how to reverse eWallet on Capitec Bank.

How to Reverse Capitec eWallet

Capitec eWallet Reversal can be done by calling Capitec Bank Customer Care number on 0860 102 043 for assistance or chat to a Capitec agent online and instruct them to reverse the eWallet transaction verbally. Alternatively, you can visit a Capitec Bank branch near you to reverse the money.

Follow the below steps to reverse Capitec eWallet:

  • Step 1: Dial 0860 102 043 on your mobile phone
  • Step 2: Instruct the Capitec consultant to reverse the payment
  • Step 3: The consultant will help you to lodge a transfer reversal request with Capitec
  • Step 4: Your transfer reversal request will be approved
  • Step 5: The reversal of the funds can take up to 24 hours

This is how you reverse an eWallet on Capitec and is currently the only way to reverse an eWallet transaction if you accidentally sent it to the wrong number.

Capitec eWallet Reversal

The Capitec eWallet Reversal process is simple. Although there is no option to reverse the money sent using the Capitec Bank app, it’s still possible to get your money back. If the cash is not collected, the amount will be paid back into your account after 30 days. If you don’t want to wait, you can collect the cash at any Capitec branch ATM, Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Makro or Builders store near you.

How Much Does it Cost to Reverse Capitec eWallet?

Capitec charges a non-refundable R160 reversal fee, whether successful or not.

How to Reverse eWallet on Capitec App?

Currently, you cannot reverse eWallet on Capitec App. The option is not available yet.

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