How to search property for sale & rent in South Africa using Property24 or Property24 is one of the most popular property portals in South Africa. If you looking for a house for sale or to rent in South Africa, you should consider using Property 24 South Africa. They are committed to helping potential home owners find their perfect homes.

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Property24 also provide South Africa’s Real Estate Industry with a marketing platform which helps them build their brands. The Property 24 platform also makes it easy for home-buyers and renters to find property online through a quick search.

How to Find a Home

A home is long term investment and you need to make sure that the house you are buying meets your family needs. The first step to buying property is saving and eliminating debt in order to build credit score and get a better loan from South African banks such as FNB, ABSA, CAPITEC, NEDBANK, STANDARDBANK and many more. This will increase your buying power on a property and enable you to find the perfect house within your budget.

Below are the steps you need to consider before you search for a house on These steps will help yourself become financially ready:

  • STEP 1: Calculate the upper limit of your budget. This will help you see what you can afford
  • STEP 2: Eliminate as much of your debt as possible
  • STEP 3: Save up for your deposit to increase your buying power
  • STEP 4: Check your credit score to see if you’re eligible for a loan from your bank

Searching for a Home on

Now that you are done with readying yourself financially, you need to think about the type of a house you’re looking for and where would it be. Whether you want to find houses, apartments, townhouses, farms and vacant land in Sandton, Cape Town, Soweto, Bloemfontein, Pretoria, or Port Elizabeth, Property 24 South Africa will be there for you.

You can follow the below steps when searching for a house in South Africa:

  • STEP 1: Decide on a location in South Africa that fits your lifestyle
  • STEP 2: List features that you want for your house or apartment
  • STEP 3: Look around the areas you are interested in moving to
  • STEP 4: Use Property24 which lists over 300 000 property from South Africa’s leading Real Estate Agents
  • STEP 5: View as many houses as you can
  • STEP 6: If you need help with your search, consult with a real estate agent or agency
  • STEP 7: Evaluate the benefits of an old home versus a new one
  • STEP 8: Wait a couple of weeks before settling on which property to purchase

Searching for a house on the Property 24 website

The below screenshot shows the homepage of the website where you can filter your search. You can type in the city or suburb and filter your search results by property type, amount, beds and baths. house search

For more information, visit Property 24 website at You will also find information about mobile apps, search tools and many more.

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