Khanyi Mbau pregnant photo

“I Am Not Pregnant! ” – Khanyi Mbau Says

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Twitter almost came to a standstill on Friday after local actress Khanyi Mbau posted a provocative photo of herself which sparked pregnancy rumours. 

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In the photo posted by Khanyi Mbau on Twitter, she can be seen showing her belly and behind her there is an ultrasound scanner. “For every award there is a performance” – the award-winning actress captioned her photo.

These words triggered pregnancy rumours. Mbau later explained that she is not pregnant, the caption was to celebrate her acting award for that scene in the movie, Red Room.

“SPYROS I AM NOT PREGNANT! I won Best Actress Award for that scene. Thank you. Got the love, but no babies (sic),” – she said.

Speaking to the People’s Paper, Khanyi Mbau said: “This was meant for a specific scene in a movie I’m shooting. If I was pregnant, this isn’t the way I would announce it. But maybe one day those who wish for me to be pregnant may have that wish come to pass. But right now, I’m focusing on my career and a baby is the last thing on my mind.”

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