Laurina Machite Next To Be Eliminated Off PRESENTER SEARCH ON 3

Presenter Search on 3 finalist Laurina Machite became the next hopeful to be eliminated from the competition which is on the hunt for three new faces to join SABC 3’s Top BillingExpresso and Afternoon Express.

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The Top 9 took over the Expresso morning show last Friday and while some slotted into the fast-paced thrills of live TV effortlessly, others realised that live TV is a beast not every presenter can tackle.

Ultimately, Palesa Tembe, Ryle De Morny and Laurina Machite were announced as the worst-performing contestants of the episode and got some tough love from our esteemed panel of judges Jeannie D, DJ Fresh, Sbusiso Kumalo and Patience Stevens.

Palesa’s hesitation before her live links, due to missing her cues, caused a few clumsy moments on air which the judges believed spoiled her presentation. Ryle appeared to be overshadowed during his gym segment which made for a few awkward interactions with his guest. This and his lack of confidence in a space he is passionate about made for an underwhelming segment. However, it was Laurina’s lack of personal interaction and on-air fumble when the director told her to finish off an interview, which caused her to lose focus and come to an abrupt stop that ultimately cost her a spot in the competition. “You are a blogger and you had bloggers on the couch but they seemed to be having more fun than you were,” DJ Fresh told Laurina moments before her elimination. “You were a fish and we brought you water – swim!” Patience Stevens revealed that although Laurina was asking all the right questions and that her interview was going well, her sudden stop after the director’s voice in her ear caused confusion was a hard thing to see. “The fact that you were given your instructions in your ear and that you had to react during the interview threw you totally,” she said. “When you go live, it’s a producer’s nightmare if the presenter freezes live on air. That was an issue.” Sbusiso Kumalo felt that Laurina played it too safe on her Expresso takeover and failed to see a lack of growth in the presenter. Jeannie D concluded the feedback session telling Laurina that “when you are listening to your director in your ear, you have to be able to talk and listen at the same time. It’s like circular breathing and you’re leaving your audience hanging. If you’re interested in live TV, that is the ultimate fail.”

While Laurina is devasted that her time Presenter Search on 3 has come to an end, she isn’t surprised by her elimination. “I did see myself going home because everybody else did exceptionally well throughout the live broadcast,” she says. However, despite her elimination, Laurina adds that she had a great time throughout the competiton and has learned some valuable lessons. “I did what my mother said I should do and that’s have fun. I’ve learned a lot and I am going to use that knowledge going forward.”

Q&A With Laurina Machite

What has been the highlight of your time on Presenter Search on 3

My biggest highlight during this experience has to be my flawless shoot in Parys. I had such an amazing time and got to explore a small town I would have never gone to on my own. Being able to leave a love lock on the 1919 bridge dedicated to my family was heart-warming!

What has been the biggest lesson this experience has taught you? 

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is to believe in myself and that my dreams are not as unreachable as I may think they are. I am looking forward to taking what I have learned during my time on Presenter Search on 3 and applying it in my next step.

How would you describe your presenting style? 

I would say that my presenting style is very authentic. I am never trying to be anything or anyone I am not.

You manage your own online platform that empowers women, how has being in the digital space helped you with your Presenter Search on 3 journey?

Being in the digital space allowed me to be my authentic and true self on Presenter Search on 3. I have built an online platform that women all across the globe resonate with because of who I am. Going into the show I knew that just being myself – Laurina – was going to be enough too. And it was.

What would your ideal show be to host? 

Coming into the competition, I had nothing but Afternoon Express on my mind. But, after having experienced the thrill of hosting Expresso in the morning however, I’d have to say that would be my ideal show. It’s high-impact and there is so much energy behind-the-scenes. I now know from experience exactly why they call it “your feel-good breakfast show!”

Now that your time on the show has come to an end, what is the next chapter for you? 

Now that my time on the show is done, I plan on continuing to build my online platforms and inspiring women across the globe like I had been doing before. It would have been a dream to inspire women on big platforms on SABC3 but just because I did not land any of the top 3 spots does not mean my voice has no power.

Sponsored by Capitec and McCafé, Presenter Search on 3 searches for three fresh, new faces to join the SABC 3’s Top Billing, Expresso and Afternoon Express in a nail-biting reality format.

Presenter Search on 3 returns to its former 19:30 timeslot every Thursday on SABC3.

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