8 Replies to “Mining City Login: How to Login to Mining City in South Africa”

  1. Hi I will like to make request for my account details I have lost my phone and I have a new phone but when I log in on my account it says the email and password are wrong

  2. Hi. I can`t log into my account. When I try to log in, the system says ERROR wrong password/e-mail. Pls help

  3. Evening Sir/Madam
    I have miningcity account, but when i try to open it. It says wrong password please help me. I can’t able view my money, since miningcity dropped last year.

  4. I can’t access my account and I have sent more than five emails to support team . I forgot my password but tried to reset it the link page do open but when its about to set password it shows 404 page which states the page cannot be found contact support team.
    I have tried all what they told me to do but at the end the 404 page returns.

  5. good day ,since i log in 2018,since then i didnt log in because i lost y user name and password.
    until yesterday when i was paging old book,i found where i have put my user and password.
    what i need an assistant on is how to log on.

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