/tv : DStv Code Activation Process Step by Step

There are many people in South Africa who still don’t know how to activate their DStv Code. To activate your DStv Code, you need to login to and enter the 5 digit activation code which will be displayed on your Smart TV screen. The Now.Dstv.Com/Tv code activation enables you to connect your DStv and your Smart TV so that you can start streaming movies and TV series online.

How to Activate DSTV

  1. Connect your smart TV to the internet using ethernet cable or Wi-Fi
  2. Go to the App Store on your TV, search for “DStv Now”, and install the app
  3. Once installed, the app will display a code on your TV screen
  4. On a laptop/desktop, go to and sign in
  5. Once signed in, go to and enter the code displayed on the TV, then click on the “Sign in on TV” button
  6. The app will now be live on the TV
Now DStv Com TV Link
Now DStv Com TV Link

Now.Dstv.Com /TV Code FAQs

FAQs related to Now.Dstv.Com/TV or DSTV streaming services:

1. What Is Now.Dstv.Com/TV?

  • Answer: Now.Dstv.Com/TV is a platform or website associated with DSTV that allows users to access streaming services, watch live TV, or view on-demand content.

2. What Is the Now.Dstv.Com/TV Code Used For?

  • Answer: The Now.Dstv.Com/TV code is used for various purposes, such as activating or linking a device to access DSTV streaming services.

3. How Can I Get a Now.Dstv.Com/TV Code?

  • Answer: To obtain a Now.Dstv.Com/TV code, users may need to access their DSTV account or streaming platform to generate or retrieve the necessary code.

4. Where Can I Find the Now.Dstv.Com/TV Code?

  • Answer: The Now.Dstv.Com/TV code might be accessible within the settings or activation section of the DSTV streaming platform or app.

5. Do I Need a Now.Dstv.Com/TV Code to Stream Content?

  • Answer: In some cases, a Now.Dstv.Com/TV code might be required to activate or link a device for streaming DSTV content, but not always.

6. How Do I Activate Now.Dstv.Com/TV on My Device?

  • Answer: The activation process might involve visiting the Now.Dstv.Com/TV website or platform, entering the provided code, and following on-screen instructions.

7. What Devices Support Now.Dstv.Com/TV Streaming?

  • Answer: Devices like smart TVs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones might support Now.Dstv.Com/TV streaming, but compatibility can vary.

8. Is the Now.Dstv.Com/TV Code the Same for All Devices?

  • Answer: The Now.Dstv.Com/TV code provided for activation might be unique to each device or session, depending on the platform’s requirements.

9. What Should I Do If My Now.Dstv.Com/TV Code Doesn’t Work?

  • Answer: If encountering issues with the code, users can check for typos, ensure the device is properly connected to the internet, or reach out to DSTV customer support for assistance.

10. Is the Now.Dstv.Com/TV Code Linked to My DSTV Subscription?

  • Answer: Yes, the code might be used to link the streaming device to your DSTV subscription to access content based on your subscription plan.


Conclusion about /tv : DStv code activation process. Now.Dstv.Com/TV is a web platform or URL associated with DSTV, a major satellite television service in South Africa and various African countries. This specific URL likely serves as a gateway to DSTV’s online streaming services, offering subscribers access to live TV channels, on-demand content, movies, series, and other entertainment options via internet-connected devices like computers, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs.

Users can potentially visit Now.Dstv.Com/TV to log in with their DSTV credentials, allowing them to stream their favorite shows, catch live broadcasts, or access a range of content available within their DSTV subscription package.

Please note that the specific functionalities, available content, and access methods on Now.Dstv.Com/TV may vary based on DSTV’s offerings and updates to their online streaming services. For detailed and up-to-date information about the features and services available on Now.Dstv.Com/TV, it’s recommended to visit the official DSTV website or refer to their customer support channels.

DStv Contact Number

MyDStv App

Manage your account with the MyDStv app

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The app is for SA only. Registration is required.

DStv WhatsApp

DStv Self Service is on WhatsApp

Save our number 060 060 3788. All you have to do to get started is to type “Hello”.

DStv Live Chat

Use Website Live Chat

Try our helpful live chat for assistance. Simply click the live chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the website.
This service is available Monday to Sunday, from 07:00 to 23:00 during the national lockdown.


Dial *120*68584# on your cellphone

Check what you owe, clear errors, view transactions and reconnect packages. Use the number registered on our system.

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