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Part 2 of Come Dine with Me South Africa Season 6 Returns!

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BBC Lifestyle inspires audiences with the very best international programming alongside quality local productions that both appeal to, and reflect, the South African audience.

The show that gets everyone talking is now back for part 2 of Come Dine with Me South Africa Season 6 airing from 5 May 2021. Get ready for dinner party drama as the second part of this season features the same outlandish entertainment, heated competition, fantastic flops, and a whole lot of dinner party don’ts. Part one of season six is SAFTA was nominated for.

With just a day to go until the first episode airs, BBC Lifestyle is sharing a few tips (below) to inspire fans of the show on how they can handle some dinner party faux pas or embarrassing moments if they are ever faced with them:

  • Dinner Table Conversations: That Awkward Moment

Come Dine with Me Family

Preparing to host a dinner party is more than just the food and drinks you serve, it’s also about the entertainment. By having a sense of your guests interests you can prepare better for their entertainment and topics of discussion. Keep the topic points very specific to lighthearted subjects rather than politics, religion, or ageism. With a table of strangers, Come Dine With Me is full of awkward moments – In episode 1 Amanda and Clarissa tried guessing each other’s age, not only was it awkward when they didn’t guess it right, but it also didn’t land well- ‘you’re very mature for a 30-year-old’ isn’t a compliment. Another tip to avoid an awkward dinner party moment is to prepare sufficiently before guests arrive to make sure you are entertaining and not cooking. When the conversation takes an awkward turn, ask questions about your guests’ interests, for example, their love for music, art or family.

  • Prepare For the Worst (But always have a backup plan)

Come Dine with Me Season 6

The truth is, one can never be too prepared, especially when a guest finds hair in their food, poor Bailey was the victim of this twice on episode 3.  Complete germaphobe Mmabathu had to witness the discovery and  didn’t finish her food as a result. Prevent this from happening by covering all the areas of your body that could result in this happening, by wearing a hairnet, a mask (yes, a mask for your beard) and by using gloves you can also reduce the probabilities of this happening.  Moreover, keep your “furry friends”, aka pets, in a separate area from the kitchen where you will be preparing your food.  If the worst happens, and someone finds hair in their food, make sure that you have another alternative serving on standby.

  • Be Prepared for Seconds

Many hosts will say that the general rule of thumb is to always over cater or over prepare. By making sure that once your guests have confirmed how many people they are bringing, you still have an additional serving or have a food delivery app on speed dial. If that’s not an option, create a few platters or small boards with a variation of mini snacks such as cheese, veggies or fruits and pies.

  • Drinks Are Dietary Requirements Too

Come Dine with Me Season 6 BBC Lifestyle

It is not just the dietary requirements that matter but you have to further extend the questions to also cover their drinking preferences. Imagine offering a glass of chardonnay to someone who is a recovering addict? It is also important to note these when it comes to your guests getting home safely. As host it is important to monitor driving guests in order for them to stay safe on the South African roads.

BBC Lifestyle’s Continuous Love Affair with Local Content

BBC Lifestyle will continue to offer viewers the perfect blend of the very best international programming  alongside some brand-new local content this year; including Listing Jozi, which is set to launch in June and The Great Kenyan Bakeoff. Listing Jozi follows a group of high-end property brokers as they hustle through their multimillion-rand listings in and around Johannesburg.

Watch Come Dine with Me South Africa Season 6 part 2 from Wednesday, 5 May at 8PM on BBC Lifestyle (DStv channel 174)repeats are on Sundays at 5pm and will be available on both DStv Catch Up.

Calling all Come Dine with Me SA fans! Are You a Come Dine With Me SA fan? Entries for season 7 will open on 12 May for Season 7 , entrants must be aged 18 or older and must reside in South African cities (Johannesburg and Cape Town only) visit for more information entries close on 23rd June 2021.

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