Puff and Pass South Africa

What is Puff and Pass And How do I apply for Jobs, Internships & Learnerships?

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Puff and Pass is an online platform or portal that provides a list of the latest jobs, internships, learnerships and bursaries for undergraduate students in South Africa. In addition, Puff and Pass collects educational and valuable information that helps people get started with their careers. PuffandPass is one of the most popular jobs, internships and learnerships websites in South Africa and it is trusted by many people including big companies.

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Puff and Pass South Africa

Puff and Pass website was developed in October 2010 and it was officially launched in April 2011. The main goal of the Puff n Pass website is to help students in South Africa with latest bursary, jobs, learnerships and internships information.

What Is Puff and Pass?

Puff and Pass has different meanings. In this context, it means taking what is applicable to you and share afterwards. Before the launch of Puff and Pass website www.puffandpass.co.za, students in colleges and universities used to share scripts, exam question papers and study guides in a traditional way.

If you find something you can use from the website, you must also share with others as well. You can share puff and pass internships, puff and pass learnerships and puff and pass permanent jobs with others via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Benefits of using Puff and Pass South Africa website

This is a platform for many people in South Africa including the ones looking for new jobs, or changing careers. This platform is usually used by first-time job-seekers and early-career professionals who want to explore more career opportunities and get recognized by trusted employers in the market.

When you access the website, you will find the latest information about puff and pass jobs / graduate / internship / learnership programmes in South Africa.

Puff and Pass Job application
Puff n Pass / image: wikihow.com

How to submit a learnership, graduate programme or bursary on PuffandPass?

To upload your learnerships, internships, or jobs on Puff and Pass, there are certain guidelines and criteria you must meet. Your Puff n Pass submission must have the below details.

  • The closing date and location where successful candidates will work and the industry in which your organisation operates must be indicated
  • Clearly indicate the process of applying, whether people must apply via email, fax or online
  • Puff n Pass requires you to indicate academic requirements needed
  • Provide contact information of people to whom the inquiries must be directed to
  • Yahoo, Webmail and Gmail email address are not accepted
  • You can submit your learnership or internship in a typed email or as an attachment (attachments must be in MS Word (*.doc, docx), txt format or PDF (scanned or secured documents are not accepted)
  • Submissions must include only the information related to the programme being submitted
  • The duration of submission MUST be more than 3 months
  • Send your internship, learnership and bursary submissions to this email address [email protected] (career/job-seekers are advised not to send their CVs to the mentioned address
  • Submission of programmes on PuffandPass is free
  • Where applicable, you must provide the URL for online applications

How to Apply for a Job / Graduate / Internship Programme via Puff and Pass?

NOTE: Puff and Pass is not a job website. Below are the steps you need to follow in order to search and apply for a job via PuffandPass in South Africa

STEP 1: Visit Puff n Pass website at www.puffandpass.co.za

STEP 2: Browse different fields such as “accounting, finance, computer science and much more”

STEP 3: Click on any field to see “listing by field”

STEP 4: Click on any graduate / internship programme you wish to apply for

STEP 5: Read the job spec and get your documents ready

STEP 6: Send your application to the listed address on the advertisement

Image Courtesy: internsinasia.com

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