Rapper AKA endorses ANC on Twitter

Local rapper, record producer, songwriter and businessman, AKA, whose real name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, has revealed that he will be voting for the African National Congress (ANC) in the next coming national elections.

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The rapper AKA, has always been open to sharing his political affiliation. He took to Twitter to let his fans where he stands with the leading political party the ANC.

In a series of tweets, AKA disclosed that he’s voting for the ANC, although he doesn’t know why.

“Honestly, this election … I’m going to VOTE ANC … but I don’t know why. I feel like many people feel that way (sic),” – AKA wrote.

While many celebrities get paid to endorse political parties, AKA said he is not an influencer and the ANC did not pay him for his tweets. This comes after one Twitter user challenged his tweets, suggesting that the rapper was paid R1 million for a comment.

“I am not an influencer nor am I contracted or paid in any shape or form by the ANC. I have a platform as a leader in my private capacity as a citizen of the country that I love. I will speak as I see fit with my own beliefs and nobody can silence me or put a price on my voice (sic)” – he tweeted.

The rapper also encouraged South Africans to cast their vote as he reminded them of the people who lost their lives during the struggle.

“But whatever party you decide you are behind … YOU MUST REGISTER TO VOTE. It’s the very right to VOTE that generations of South Africans literally died for and we owe them at least that much. The Youth cannot be THAT disconnected from our history and our struggle (sic),” – AKA wrote.

He ended by saying: “Don’t tell celebs to stay out of politics and then complain when you need them to speak out and they don’t (sic).”

Image Courtesy: instagram.com/akaworldwide

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