Robbie Malinga’s family says they are healing

The family of the late legendary hitmaker Robbie Malinga has opened up about living without him. Robbie Malinga passed away last year after suffering from a life-threatening illness.

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Robbie Malinga’s family had their first interview since his death in December 2017. His son, Robbie Malinga junior, Malinga’s wife, Ann and daughter Zanokuhle, told DRUM Magazine in an interview that they are healing and learning to live without Robbie.

“All I can do right now is make sure I manage the household and try to take things one day at a time. I’m a single mom now. I don’t do much socialising, I’m always at home or with the kids,” she says.

Ann told the magazine that she is grateful for the support of her family and close friends. And she knows she can rely on her son too. “I’ve also put all my trust in God to see me through.”

When Robbie’s health deteriorated he tried to prepare Robbie Jnr for the worst. “He told me things are looking bad for him and if anything happens, I need to take care of the two women in the house because it’s my responsibility,” Robbie Jnr says.

Talking about why Robbie Jnr took over his account, Ann said: “I didn’t allow him to take over anything – he’s the one that opened the Instagram account for his dad and he’s been running that account for as long as I can remember.”

Robbie added saying his mom is strict but she allows him to do whatever he wants because she knows he is responsible and he’d never do anything stupid.

“Robbie is responsible. He doesn’t drink or smoke like other teenagers who are going through a phase. People shouldn’t worry about him because his father raised him well, Robbie Jnr says.

“People don’t really know me. They see the flashy lifestyle and think I’m spending my inheritance. I’m only 17. I’m a minor. I can’t just inherit my dad’s cars. I can’t get anything until I’m 21.”

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