Sbonga proposes

Sbonga proposes after 16 year vat en sit

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In sixteen years of vat en sit – sorry, let me cut out the euphemisms – in sixteen years of living in sin with his baby mama, Sbonga has cheated numerous times on Pretty. Speaking to his new BFF, Mazet, Sbonga explained his infidelity as something that “began with harmless flirting.”

I guess it’s true what they say about a man and woman living together without marriage; why would a man buy the cow when he can get the milk for free. Like most men in a vat en sit relationship, Sbonga probably took Pretty for granted. He cheats, she forgives, he cheats, she forgives, he cheats, she forgives…

Langa invents an app

This week, we are coming towards the anniversary of Mbongeni’s death. I read somewhere that, as a soul leaves Earth, another arrives in its place. You know those children named Mthulusi, Mduduzi or Motshedisi? These are the babies who arrived as a family member is lost. To celebrate their birth, they are given names which commemorate the comfort they brought to a family in mourning.

A baby has been born in the Ndaba family to replace Mbongeni, it is Langa’s brainchild; an educational application that will help learners who struggle with the English language to read their examination papers in their mother tongue. Viewed from a different angle, the Dlamini family recently lost Aunt Tono. And it looks like they have gained another soul to take her place.

The invention of the educational app has brought Langa and Melusi closer together, so much that the young inventor asked his mother a very difficult, if not prophetic, question

“Why did you choose dad (Mbongeni) over Principal Dlamini?”

Langa feels a strong bond between him and Melusi which is both sad and, I suppose, poetic because the man is his biological father. But this is a secret which is known to only three people; Pretty, Thathi and the viewer at home.

Langa’s invention is potentially life-changing for some learners. This could be the difference between a child passing their Matric or simply being excluded from making any meaningful contribution to the country, if not the world. Africa is an odd place, where your usefulness is measured by the grasp of a foreign language.

Melusi turns into Diamond Mabuza

Unfortunately, the invention by Langa hasn’t been well received by all involved. The overly insecure Gladys feels uncomfortable seeing her husband spending so much time with Langa, who happens to be the child of Melusi’s ex girlfriend. At the same time, Thathi somehow feels transparent, as though her secret about Langa’s true paternity is laid bare just by him spending time with his biological father, a man who by the way is blissfully unaware of this fact. As far as Melusi is concerned, Langa is Mbongeni’s son. When Langa spent night after night at the Dlamini double storey, perfecting his application with Melusi’s help, he clashed with Gladys and Thathi. But Melusi put on his Diamond Mabuza superhero suit and cut the two women down to size. He sent Thathi on her way and told her to never come back because Langa is “in good hands”. As for Gladys, she thought it was about time to listen to Boom Shaka but Melusi said no, it’s time for her to stop jeopardising Langa’s future just because of her rivalry with Thathi. I finally got to make a Boom Shaka joke! Anyway, I’m glad Melusi put his size 10 foot down because somebody had to straighten out Gladys and Thathi.

What do you wanna be when you grow up?

As Melusi watched one son achieve greatness, his other son, Ntokozo and foster brother Teddy carried on aimlessly with their lives. Melusi began to pressurize the two boys into thinking seriously about their future. Teddy soon found his passion at the conclusion of his rape trial. Miss Manzi was sentenced to 15 years for molesting Teddy. But Teddy walked away with a new pair of eyes. His experience with the legal system has inspired him to want to study law. Ntokozo still remains unbothered about his future.

Pretty kicks Sbonga out of her life

Two weeks ago, Pretty had suspicions that Sbonga was cheating on her with Mazet. Pretty’s insecurity reached its peak when she walked in on Sbonga and Mazet in a seemingly compromising position. Mazet later explained that she and Sbonga (real name Khaya Mthembu) had been accidentally locked together in Mam Sonto’s office due to the faulty door lock.

Pretty apologized to Mazet and things were looking grand between Sbonga and his baby mama. That was until Sbonga said something that triggered Pretty’s memory of the many times he cheated on her. Encouraged by Mam Sonto, Pretty gave Sbonga his marching orders. Tshiamo was inconsolable as she begged her parents to kiss and make up. But it was an exercise in futility. Sbonga was shown the door like the ex that Beyoncé sang about.

“To the left, to the left…”

Tshiamo the matchmaker

Although he had been dumped by her mother, Sbonga continued to visit his daughter Tshiamo, whose real name, by the way, is Lerato Mokoka.

It was during daddy-daughter time that Tshiamo quizzed Sbonga about why he left. When Sbonga admitted that he messed up, Tshiamo came up with a plan. She suggested that Sbonga sends Pretty a video in which he spills his heart out to her. Sbonga sent the video and Pretty was visibly moved. She accepted Sbonga’s suggestion for a family picnic.

Broke guys are the most creative. If you can’t afford a restaurant where do you go on a date? Mam Sonto’s office was the setting for a beautiful picnic with food, drinks and roses. Pretty remained wary of Sbonga but it was clear that she was warming up to him. Without preamble, Sbonga whipped it out, in front of his daughter and baby mama. It was a jewelry box. He proposed.

Sbonga has made Pretty wait for sixteen years. She made him wait sixteen seconds before she gave her reply. Pretty said yes.

Gomora turns one this coming week and, guess what, nobody knows what the heck Sbonga’s last name is. We don’t know what Pretty’s new surname will be. I can’t wait to finally find out Sbonga’s name come the wedding day. “Do you Pretty Molefe take this man Sbonga Unknown to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Till next week, my pen is capped

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