Palette cleansing: Paint ideas to keep your house clean

Palette cleansing Paint ideas Builders

If your walls could talk, what would they say? How would they describe your reaction when you walked out of the bedroom and found the living room wall smeared in crayon? Would they be able to tell how tall the kids were by the pencil marks near the door? No matter what they saw, the … Read more

How To Hack Your Mood Using Colour

Builders South Africa Colours

Have you ever walked into a room and suddenly felt like smiling? Or calm? That may be the result of the ethereal powers of room psychology. As it turns out, the paint on your walls doesn’t just function as fun mode of self-expression. It can also deeply influence the mood of your guests, help decrease … Read more

Three Top Decor Trends That Excite Gen Zs

Three Top Decor Trends That Excite Gen Zs

No other age group enjoys the confines of their own homes like Gen Z, with  70% of them preferring to stay in on weekends. As a generation that dislikes following convention or being predictable, keeping track of what decor they want in their rooms can be challenging. To help you, Cebisa Zukelwa, decor trends specialist … Read more

How To Assess The Potential Cost Of A Renovation Project

Builders South Africa Renovation Project

The success of a home improvement project is the result of expert planning. As much as home renovation comes with costs and lots of decisions to make, it is a phenomenal way to breathe new life into any home or living environment. It will put your mark on the property and add to its value. … Read more

Builders: DIY create a feature wall without breaking a bank

Builders DIY create a feature wall

Builders are taking consumers on a trends and DIY educational journey on how to improve your home and living space with a few easy steps. By the end of 2020, the Google search for home renovations in South Africa increased 70% year on year. Builders is one of the key drivers behind this growth and … Read more

Builders seeks to bring out the builder inside all of us

Builders Warehouse

Leading retailer in the home improvement sector, Builders has launched its new brand platform and positioning: ‘Here’s to the builders. Here’s to home.’ to inform its marketing efforts going forward as it seeks to celebrate the builder inside everyone. Their promise remains ´Whatever you want or need to do, we help you save time and … Read more