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How To Assess The Potential Cost Of A Renovation Project

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The success of a home improvement project is the result of expert planning. As much as home renovation comes with costs and lots of decisions to make, it is a phenomenal way to breathe new life into any home or living environment. It will put your mark on the property and add to its value.

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Whether you are planning something big or small, to take control of your home renovation budget you need a plan. One factor, amongst others, is to plan how much product is needed to complete your project on time and cost effectively.

Munier Solomon, Marketing Operations Manager at Builders, has penned down a few pointers that your readers can take into account when tackling a renovation project in order to save time and money.

Three Important Factors To Consider To Assess The Cost of Your Project

  1. Understanding the design and planning requirements: whether you are updating the look and feel of your bedroom with a new headboard, adding a laminated glass partition to add an extra room or space or privacy in your home, or simply just painting your wall – you have to be clear on the job and the requirements. For example, glass for interior use will be different from that used for exterior applications. It’s vital to understand the application and the correct product required for the project.
  2. Calculate Material Costs: now put together a list of materials you’ll need to do the home improvement job. There are a variety of ways to calculate how much materials you’ll need. One method is to use the online product calculators such as the Builders Products Calculators has recently launched. This calculator is just one of the many online calculators that can help you calculate your product requirements exactly. The Builders product calculators cover paint, blinds and curtains, headboards and glass cutting, including mirrors and doors.
  3. Write a schedule of works: it’s crucial to define your home renovation process before you start the work – a project plan of what needs to be done and by when. Be clear on the steps you will need to take to renovate the property before you make a start, and prioritise work that is urgent. You might find that works in one room impact on those in another, so have a clear vision and prepare a schedule of works listing the order of jobs.

Saving on Renovation Costs

One of the best ways to lower your renovation costs is to tackle home projects yourself. You could cut the first part of labor costs by painting all your walls yourself, ripping out old flooring, tearing down drywall or removing cabinetry before the work requiring a skilled person starts.

Time is essential when planning for renovation. Making cohesive and functional design can be overwhelming, so taking more time, even when you have all your money ready, is crucial. You may regret the choices you make in a rush.

In closing, it is important that once you start on a project, you keep changes to a minimum to avoid extra costs. Put a budget in place against your project using the estimates from the online product calculators and keep a running tally so you can stay on track.

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