“The entertainment industry in SA is boring AF” – says DJ Euphonik

DJ Euphonik is without a doubt one of South Africa’s most successful young dance DJ’s with a reputation for being able to entertain a diverse crowd both in the clubs and on the radio.

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Euphonik has been in the music scene for over 10 years. The DJ is not impressed by the state of the entertainment industry in the country.

He took to social media to share his views about the current state of South Africa’s entertainment industry, saying: “Generally the entertainment industry in SA is either finished or boring AF. We are now just drawing blood from a stone.”

Tweeps were quick to respond to his opinion, stating that life is expensive and the system is messed up. “My opinion is life has become very expensive for outgoing people and for people who are gunning for their goals in growing in the entertainment industry so some just grab on the first job they get in hope that they will pursue on their dreams at a later stage (sic).” – one Twitter user replied to his tweet.

Another fan pointed out that times have changed saying: “times change ,people grow,new markets come in,most people who listen to house hang around ekasi on weekends,they no longer go to clubs because they’ve outgrown that njengoba sekukhona igenge yegqom nehip hop,they’re the ones who dominate the club scene now (sic).”

Image Courtesy: instagram.com/euphonik

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