Trevor Noah and Jordyn Taylor breakup

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah and US real estate agent, Jordyn Taylor, have called it quits after being together for four years.

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According to IOL, Trevor and Jordan ended their relationship last year in the winter.

Taylor revealed during a Q&A Instagram Storie session on Friday that they were no longer together and things ended during the American summer.

This came about after one fan asked her “Do you love Trevor Noah?”

Taylor replied: “Of course I love him. How could you not love him? I love him so much but you guys should know we broke up this past summer but yeah I love him.”

Trevor Noah has been very private about his love life however after he admitted that he was in love on Real Talk with Anele in 2016 and several red carpets appearances made it clear that they were dating.

Taylor and Noah were also spotted together in Bali, Mexico in 2017.

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