Xenlaii Kwaze kwamnandi

Xenlaii releases his latest single Kwaze kwamnandi

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Xenlaii leads us into the Festive Season with this groovy summer tune titled Kwaze Kwamnandi.

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This comes as Xenlaii’s second offering after his ‘’How To Play’’ hit single which did it’s rotations on commercial radio and even landed him an article on Cosmopolitan magazine and other various media outlets such as CliffCentral to name the few.

Produced by the Tweezy & Una Rams collabotor who goes by the name Kaeb, this single taken from his Surf AM EP which is scheduled to be released on the 15th November 2018 along with a short film, Kwaze Kwamnadi tells a story of high-class females, Margarita wine drinking and afterparties in the northern suburbs of Durban. He paints this picture with an intoxicated grunge texture in his voice.

“The story of high-class females, Margarita wine drinking and afterparty’s in the suburbs is painted with the intoxicated grunge texture in his voice. This is an excellent blend of genres to create a new genre that just forces you to sway your head side to side no matter how much you try to fight the vibration” Xenlaii says.

The song reflects on a youthful midnight experience in the city of Durban which Xenlaii calls the Surf AM experience. Surf AM is a pursuit of happiness, a form of escapism from his bitter reality of losing very important people in his life. It is also the title of his ‘’soon to be released’’ project which will come with a very conceptual short film that was shot in Balito, Durban.

“This song is definitely for the midnight summer drives to and from a ‘good vibe’. It just makes you want to pack your backs and head to the beach, he continues”

This is a common trade mark in his creations where he merges high society and ghetto culture to express his real life situation of being a South African boy who grew up around both the Kasi & Suburban influences.

Adopting elements of New Wave South African Hip Hop (pioneered by artists such as Anatii, Riky Rick & Okmalumkoolkat), Xenlaii delivers a hypnotic English and Zulu flow to reflect both his suburban and township influence.

Xenlaii has blended his rapping ability with his South African Kwaito influence while experimenting with the different sounds and tempos of dance music, the way Soulection would do but he gives it that youthful South African flavour we all love.

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