Five Minutes With Top Billing’s Ryle De Morny

The fourth season of Presenter Search on 3 came to a jaw-dropping end earlier this month and six brand new faces joined the SABC 3 family.

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While initially looking for three new presenters to join the SABC 3 stable, judges Patience Stevens, DJ Fresh, Sbusiso Kumalo and Jeannie D were impressed by the overwhelming amount of talent and have decided to open up the industry even further by welcoming Harmony Katulondi, Ryle De Morny, Fezile Mkhize,Palesa Tembe, and Thabiso Makhubela to the SABC 3 family with Mosa Kaiser grabbing a role as Expresso’s new field presenter.

Ryle De Morny joins the team as one of the brand-new Top Billing presenters. The entrepreneur, model and lifeguard wowed the judges with his effortless presenting style and his ability to captivate audiences no matter what scenario he is put in. Ryle, who holds the title of ‘fastest man on sand’, is excited about his new chapter and his journey on Presenter Search on 3 is proof that now is his time to shine.Get to know Ryle better with this short Q&A: 

What has been the highlight of your time on Presenter Search on 3?

Firstly, it has been the sheer amount of learning. I have never learnt so much about the presenting world and with it the amount of crazy challenges and obstacles thrown at you. Its either you learn fast or you leave and every challenge I found to outdo the next but surprisingly the enjoyment as it got harder and harder seemed to increase too. Being thrown in the deep in so fast and so often on this show you ultimately learn so much more about yourself. I have grown in this experience like you cannot imagine and am truly blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to carry on doing so

I must make mention of the fellow Top 10 that we had to compete against who are now new friends and family that I will never forget. Although we were competing against each other we actually grew quite close and formed a strong bond supporting each other through the chaos and mad times we all went through and the fact that we conquered so much together made the show me that much more enjoyable and memorable knowing I could do it with such genuine and incredible people.

What has been the biggest lesson this experience has taught you?

There have been so many lessons that I could mention but personally, for me, off-camera I would have to say time management has been vital. I have faced so many challenges and obstacles to continue participating in this show and have had to make so many sacrifices in order to stay in the competition my life would have literally fallen apart if it were not for an adaption to better time management as you won’t realise how much goes on behind the camera to get to the awesome moments we eventually get to experience. On-camera though, the lessons have been far more different. For me what I learnt and realized is that being a presenter means sharing in an experience with your viewer. You want to be able to relate and be completely real with them and take them on an authentic experience. Being honest with your audience is key regardless of what you might expect you have to stay true to both yourself and the incredible people watching.

How would you describe your presenting style?

My style is raw, real, live and natural. I bring a lot of energy and am always looking for a genuine way to engage and take my audience and viewer on a real journey. I love sharing in an experience and will try do so as authentically as possible. I’m here to share the love, the good and the bad times in the realest way possible.

You are known as the ‘fastest man on sand’, having won gold twice at the world championships for beach sprinting. What is your daily fitness routine?

It’s been an incredible journey being involved in such a multifaceted sport and I have learned so much through the process, these days guys overseas and the rest of the competition out there are doing this full time and committing everything they have to becoming a world champion. If anything since becoming a world champion the training has only gotten harder and more intense since then.

Often I will have to be up at 5am and in bed at 12 in order to juggle work and training. Most days involve two sessions and in the entire week because of both the intensity and variability of the sport we will go through a complete variation blend of training style. Each week will comprise of, track work, strength work, swimming, trail running, cross fit lifting, functional session, body weight, mobility such as yoga and Pilates, hiking, paddling and oh yeah did I mention lots and lots of sprinting. Some weeks you literally are living in pain, every step or movement you make hurts, but it’s all for the cause and we never forget our “WHY”

What are you going to be bringing to Top Billing?

I’m going to bring a fresh new energy to this show. I hope to share as much love as possible and take my viewer on awesome journeys with me as we discover and showcase moments, events and areas in a unique, raw and genuinely real way. I am always game and keen for almost anything and will be pushing the boundaries (maybe creating new one) a lot with what we can do on the show and will always have as much fun with it as possible, as I know every opportunity I get to experience is a blessing and I cannot wait to share that journey with the audience, we are going to have a lot real authentic experiences together.

Describe the moment you heard your name and were officially one of the winners of Presenter Search on 3.

I had been carrying and dealing with a lot of struggles and weight in my life and to be honest the show sometimes threw my life of course completely to moments were I wasn’t sure if I would be able to manage. Leading up until the final, I had been holding everything together for so long and the journey had been so demanding and tough at times that hearing my name after everything I had gone through to get to that point honestly felt like someone had taken all your pain and anxiety away.

We went through so much in this show! That moment hearing your name truly feels like a dream, and to be honest it still does, the feeling has been so huge and overwhelming that I am still trying to process it all and take it in, the reality of it all I do not think has even hit me yet. My love and excitement for this next chapter and journey is immense and I cannot wait to let that out. Thank you to all the incredible people who have shown so much love support and positivity. throughout this experience I have taken a lot of strength from you and would not have been able to do this on my own, I’m blessed to have had you with me and look forward to so much more to come together.

Do you have any pre-show rituals you do in order to prepare yourself before going live? If so, what are they?

I just breathe! other than that I don’t really have any. I just try ensure I have a clear head going in eliminating any negativity I might have been carrying and ensure that I stay natural real and authentic! Most of the time I am constantly observing and analysing everything around me and within the show and behind the scenes as part of the production. I love learning and growing through that improves on the performance everyday.

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