Five Minutes With Expresso’s Thabiso Makhubela

Earlier this month, the fourth season of Presenter Search on 3 saw six brand new faces joining the SABC 3 family.

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While initially looking for three new presenters to join the SABC 3 stable, judges Patience Stevens, DJ Fresh, Sbusiso Kumalo and Jeannie D were impressed by the overwhelming amount of talent and have decided to open up the industry even further by welcoming Harmony Katulondi, Ryle De Morny, Fezile Mkhize,Palesa Tembe, and Thabiso Makhubela to the SABC 3 family with Mosa Kaiser grabbing a role as Expresso’s new field presenter.

Joining the Expresso family is brand strategist Thabiso Makhubela. Since his first audition, Thabiso easily cemented himself as a frontrunner in the competition. The new Expresso presenter gained a massive support system on social media during the season and overcame obstacles to win over the judges in what has been described as the show’s most impressive season to date.

Get to know Thabiso better with this short Q&A:

What has been the highlight of your time on Presenter Search on 3? 

The highlight of my time with Presenter Search on 3 has to be the two takeovers we did of the Expresso morning show and Top Billing. Those moments were so surreal because in those times, I actually lived out a dream.

What has been the biggest lesson this experience has taught you?

The single biggest lesson this experience has taught me is to take a chance on myself. Many people often have dreams and interests they would like to pursue but hold themselves back. Each week, I saw myself take a chance. I wasn’t always in a comfortable space but I got in there and gave it the best I could.  How would you describe your presenting style?

I love putting on show and that comes through in my presenting delivery. I am a passionate presenter but I am also subtly mature in my delivery. I have the ability to distil complex information and detail, make it my own and deliver it ways people can relate to.

Your run your own brand consultancy, how will you be using your skills to grow your own brand now that you are heading into a TV career?

This is really exciting because I have put together many different brand strategies for brands and now I have a chance to use my experience to build my own brand. I will definitely be tapping into this skill. First, I will setting up all the basics – like a solid plan of the type of personality brand I want to become and working every day to make sure that I express this ambition in the best possible ways. I will be maximising on every platform I have at my disposal – like social media.

What are you going to be bringing to the Expresso morning show? 

An upbeat, totally refreshing, never been experienced before type of energy. People are waking up in the morning and need that kickstart. I am it – the power bank for the people 😉

Describe the moment you heard your name and were officially one of the winners of Presenter Search on 3.

The entire competition has been an emotional rollercoaster and at that point, I had experienced a mix of emotions that come with standing in front of the judges. I felt a different type of energy in that moment. It was so overwhelming. Fewer things make you so happy and satisfied that you don’t know how to react and that was me. I knew my time had arrived and this would change my life. I felt it all inside and had to contain it.

Now that you have stepped into your role on Expresso, have the first few episodes been everything you thought it would be or have there been a few surprises for you?

The show is very busy. I never expected it to be this busy. The first few episodes have been overwhelming but I am working hard trying to define my style in the show and finding my flow. It is as fun as I have always expected but it is hard work.

Do you have any pre-show rituals you do in order to prepare yourself before going live? If so, what are they?

Not really. I just make sure I go through and understand each episode’s content but I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting into a ritual as soon as I get used to this.

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