Female Rapper Nadia Nakai releases behind the scenes documentary

African Rap Queen Nadia Nakai has shot a behind the scenes documentary called ‘Bossing Up with Bragga’. The doccie basically shows the ups and downs of her tour life.

On the first episode of Bossing Up with Bragga, the documentary details a fight with a make-up artist, performing, ‘calls’ Rihanna (just watch the video), performs some more, attends the Castle Lite Unlocks event and, wait for it, performs some more. As expected, there’s cameo’s from the usual suspects Priddy Ugly, Bontle Modiselle, DJ Capital, Major League and many more.

However, the doccie doesn’t go deep into her personal life. But for those who don’t know Nadia Nakai was born in South Africa but with Zimbabwean origins. She found her love for Hip Hop and Rap music at the age of 16 and recorded her first studio song when she was 18.

Nadia’s debut single “Like Me” was officially released on the 3rd of September 2013. Her first record label which was signed under Sid Records, is owned by Psyfo.

Watch Bossing Up with Bragga episode 1 below

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