Ntokozo commits perjury out of love [Gomora]

Thathi Ndaba has been the biggest opponent of Ntokozo and Buhle’s teenage love affair from day one. Gladys too was determined to keep the two youngsters apart, especially after she walked in on Ntokozo and Buhle, half naked and on the brink of statutory rape mixed with incest – kind of. Ntokozo (real name Ntobeko Sishi) is 17 against Buhle’s 15 years which is a year below the age of consent, not to mention that they share a half brother in Langa. Although Thathi opposed Buhle’s move to Durban, it must have been a relief to her that her daughter would put some distance between her and Ntokozo. But after the last day in court, Thathi must have secretly heaved a sigh of relief; phew, thank goodness for incest.

Ntokozo refuses to be intimidated

After Mam Sonto’s police contacts revealed that Advocate Ndzimande (real name Yonda Thomas) had offered Ntokozo a snitch deal, Thathi waylaid him on the street. She invited him into her car for a chat. Ntokozo, expecting  the worst, asked Thathi how she planned to end his life; bullet, knife, what?

But Thathi was frank with him; if anything were to happen to Ntokozo, she and Mam Sonto would be prime suspects. When Thathi asked Ntokozo to reject the prosecutor’s deal, he turned her down. Thathi then resorted to threats of harming his family. “For the past year Mam Sonto has been issuing the same threat,” Ntokozo said to her. At some point, even the biggest coward ceases to be afraid.

Thathi also attempted to use her old relationship with Melusi to get her mother out of trouble. She asked him to instruct Ntokozo to reject the deal to turn state witness against Sonto. But “Mel” did not give her a response. Instead he spoke to wife Gladys. She wasn’t hearing it. Ntokozo would take the deal to save himself from going to prison.

Gomora protests

Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, that is the law in civilised society. But the law is one thing and public opinion a whole different beast. Gomora residents shut down Mam Sonto’s tavern and parents whose children attend Gomora Secondary demanded that Melusi expel Ntokozo, the “killer.” Despite intense pressure, Melusi stood his ground, reiterating the presumption of innocence pending fair trial.

But fairness only exists in Utopia and Gomora is a long way from Utopia. Led my Langa, many of Ntokozo’s classmates began to verbally abuse him for his part in Mbongeni’s death. The usually timid Langa even got into a punch up with his half brother.

Sdumo snitches on Mam Sonto


After Mohato disappeared – Danke Katlego for making the world a safer place – Sdumo immediately suspected Mam Sonto had killed him. Sonto somehow convinced Sdumo of her innocence. She planted in Sdumo’s head the notion that Mohato had taken his share of the Mozambique car deal money and fled without paying Sdumo. She also engineered a witness to corroborate the theory that Mohato had left town. Sdumo needed a job, he joined Mam Sonto’s gang. But it was merely a marriage of convenience whose fragility would eventually be tested.

Sandra Stein (real name Shannon Esra) who is Mam Sonto’s lawyer, informed her that prosecutor Ndzimande had found a former associate who was willing to testify against Sonto. Having stepped on so many toes, Sonto couldn’t imagine who it could be. In court, Ndzimande finally unveiled his secret witness. Sdumo sauntered onto the witness stand where he sang everything about Mam Sonto, he sang the entire national anthem, including the Afrikaans segment.


Sandra Stein charges an arm and a lung for her services. There is a good reason for her exorbitant fees. Sdumo was still basking in the glow of his incriminating testimony – finally, revenge for his boss, Mohato – when Sandra Steined him.

She revealed that Sdumo lives in a brothel, yes, a brothel, and only testified in order to avoid being jailed for being found by police in a house of ill-repute. Sdumo’s credibility as a witness was as dead as Mohato.

Ntokozo lies for love

The threats of violence had reached their sell-by date and Melusi had chosen his son over Thathi. She had to think of a new way to neutralize Ntokozo. Just then the solution appeared on Thathi’s phone screen. Buhle’s name flashed on her ringing phone.

“Is it true about Gogo, Ma?”

“Yes it’s true.”

Thathi suddenly had an idea. At the courthouse entrance, she gave Ntokozo her phone.

“Buhle wants to talk to you”.

The very same Buhle that Thathi wanted to keep away from Ntokozo. The phone conversation was brief.

“How much more are you going to take away from me?”

Ntokozo understood her meaning. He had taken away her father, taken away her Sandton life and now his testimony could take away her grandmother.

On the witness stand, Ntokozo seemed to be sticking to Ndzimande’s script. He confessed to being led astray by Mazet. But when asked about Mam Sonto, Ntokozo denied working for her. He was just a cheese boy who couldn’t possibly be part of a criminal gang. Love is a powerful thing. From 567km away, Buhle had managed to pull Ntokozo’s strings like a puppeteer. It’s back to the drawing board for Ndzimande.

SAFTA time

Winter is upon us. But it’s not just Jack Frost who has returned. It’s SAFTA time again. The first rule of voting is “your vote is my secret.” But let me just put it out there. Gomora has my vote for best Telenovela.

Till next week, my pen is capped

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