Trevor Gumbi sets record straight on split

A few days ago, comedian and actor Trevor Gumbi and his wife Lucille Gumbi announced on their separate Instagram accounts that they were calling quits after 11 years of marriage.

The couple who was reported earlier this year to be breaking up had kept mum about the split until now. Trevor opened up about the split recently saying even though they announced to the world a few days ago, he and Lucille had broken up a long while ago.

“We have been separated for sometime, learning to co-parent and ensure a smooth transition of circumstances for the sake of our children. We decided to not make our separation public, until we were able to successfully manage the process, which we now have,” Trevor explained in a statement published on his Instagram.

Unlike some splits that always come with drama, we are glad these two managed to have an amicable split and consider the children.

Here’s a look at Trevor’s full statement:

Source: DRUM

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