5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With A HONOR 10 Lite Selfie Camera

A selfie camera can do so much more than take photos of you sipping cocktails on holiday, particularly if that device is equipped with a 24-megapixel camera and AI assist, such as the one found in the HONOR 10 Lite.


The evolution of the selfie game has increased in recent times, and most notably with the introduction of AI and camera’s with greater resolutions gracing the front of our smart devices. These selfies however are simply not to capture our favourite moments, but can aid in making our daily lives just that much simpler.

1. Helping put outfits together

If you’re a fashionista like most millennials, sometimes the first outfit doesn’t quite work, or the second, or the third or fourth.

Taking selfies of your outfit options means that you can compare looks in an instant with the simple swipe of your screen.

2. Conference calling

As the shift to working remotely seeps into more and more industries, our need to still meet visually has allowed for the selfie camera to take centre stage in making is possible.

High quality conference calling capabilities makes collaboration between individuals that much easier, irrespective of the distances between them.

3. Podcasting/Vlogging

With the advent of podcasts and vlogging dominating social media platforms, the need for a professional recording studio is somewhat irrelevant.

With a selfie camera capable of capturing such rich images as high resolution means that there’s now no need in delaying that movie review, or comedy channel you’ve been telling your friends about one day. There’s no need to wait, start now.

4. Instagram/Facebook Live videos

It’s no secret that brands are now looking to highlighting their products with the collaboration of influencers. These influencers have great credibility in their respective industries and access to a large following.

Are you the next big influencer waiting to happen? Become that “self-made millionaire” you were always destined to be. Or, just make some cool videos for your friends.

5. Makeup mirror

With the ability to zoom in a lot closer than your average compact, your selfie camera is the clear winner for getting ready on the go or checking your teeth after a scrumptious lunch… just don’t do it while driving or walking.

With its massive 24 megapixel camera and AI assist, the HONOR 10 Lite takes a lot of the guesswork out of taking selfies, helping with focus, lighting and colour – making it easier to take high-quality selfies on the go…and improve your everyday life!

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