DStv Packages South Africa

DStv Packages in South Africa, Prices and Channels

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DStv offers a variety of DStv Packages to meet your needs. The package you choose will determine the number of channels you can watch on DStv South Africa. With all DStv packages, you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies. With various DStv packages prices available, how do you choose the one that meets your needs? The purpose of this article is to discuss different DStv packages in South Africa.

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What DStv Packages Are Available in South Africa?

All DStv channels are grouped into different packages, meaning all these packages don’t have the same number of channels and their prices are different. DStv has seven packages and they are: Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, Access, EasyView and Indian.

DStv Packages Prices and Channels
DStv Packages and Channels

DStv Packages Prices and Channels 2021

DStv Packages and prices in South Africa for 2021

  • DStv Premium: The price for DStv Premium package is R819 per month and has 156 channels
  • DStv Compact Plus: Compact Plus is one of the most popular DStv packages, the price for DStv Compact Plus is R529 and has 141 channels
  • DStv Compact: This is the most popular DStv package. DStv Compact’s price is R399, with 124 DStv channels
  • DStv Family: The Family package is R279 per month, with 91 channels
  • DStv Access: This DStv package has few channels. DStv Access price is R110. It has 67 channels.
  • DStv EasyView: The price for EasyView is R29 and has 36 TV channels.
  • DStv Indian: This package is R395 per month. DStv Indian channels list has 29 options to choose from.

Wherever your taste lies, there’s a DStv package for you. DStv offers a diverse range of everything to keep its subscribers entertained.

Before you choose a package, make sure you check your DStv package on the DStv’s official website. Visit https://www.dstv.co.za/get-dstv/compare-packages/ to compare channels and prices for DStv packages. By checking your package first, you will be able to see which channels you have and then check DStv Guide to see which you would like to add to your list of channels.

Before you make payment for a package, ensure it’s the one you want.

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