Five Minutes With PRESENTER SEARCH ON 3’s Peelo Mookodi

In a shocking double elimination, Presenter Search on 3 finalists Peelo Mookodi and Shannon Leibach became the next contestants to be eliminated from the reality competition which has searched the country for three new faces to join SABC 3. 

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After a challenging Expresso takeover, the contestants were given a taste of the good life with their very own segment on SABC 3’s flagship lifestyle magazine show Top Billing as they got a chance to showcase fine dining, celebrity interviews and cutting-edge design in the way Top Billing is famous for.

Unfortunately, Peelo Mookodi was eliminated from the show last night in what was the most dramatic episode of the season so far.   “You’ve got this almost rehearsed beauty queen thing about you. It works, I just don’t know if it does you any favours when you’re presenting a show. It does look good, I don’t know if it works for TV,” DJ Fresh told Peelo moments before her elimination. Meanwhile, Patience Stevens tells Peelo that “You came into this competition with an advantage that you have presented before, and when we look at people we look at their potential for growth and you should be so much more ahead of the other people and you’re not.” 

For the final two episodes of Presenter Search on 3, the Top 6 will be jetting off to Reunion Island as they are put through the ropes in the hopes of showing the judges that they do have what it takes to be one of the three new faces who will join either Expresso, Top Billing or Afternoon Express. The final stretch has arrived and, this time, there is no space for error. 

Q&A With Peelo Mookodi

What has been the highlight of your time on Presenter Search on 3

My highlight on Presenter Search on 3 was without a doubt getting to shoot my very first Top Billing link in Cape Town. Although it was the challenge that sent me home, just gaining that experience has prepared me to work even harder to achieve my dream of being a presenter on the show one day – regardless of the outcome of the competition. 

What has been the biggest lesson this experience has taught you? 

The biggest lesson the show has taught me is tenacity – fearlessly going after your dreams and turning them into a reality is so important. I have learned that you really do need a tough skin and a strong head to survive in this industry because it will not be a smooth sail to the top. 

How would you describe your presenting style? 

I would describe my presenting style as knowledge meets elegance. I take my time to know all that I can about my subject or my topic and deliver my work with the utmost passion. 

You are no stranger to being in front of the camera having hosted a TV show in your home country. How different is the industry here in South Africa to that of Botswana?

The television industry in South Africa compared to Botswana is very different in the sense that the TV world in Botswana is miles behind the South African industry. Having been exposed to how the TV operates in South Africa sometimes makes me feel like I didn’t really know a lot coming into it and there were times where I felt like it’s my first time all over again. 

What would your ideal show be to host? 

My ideal presenting gig would be one were we discuss fashion, food, and music which happen to be my main interests. In the future, I would also love to produce and direct a show that talks about social issues surrounding women and education. 

Now that your time on the show has come to an end, what is the next chapter for you? 

My goal for 2018 has always been to land a big lifestyle television show in South Africa on a major channel. It, unfortunately, didn’t come in the form of Presenter Search on 3 but I have a lot of faith in what the show and the exposure I got for it has done for me.

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