Five Minutes With PRESENTER SEARCH ON 3’s Shannon Leibach

In a shocking double elimination, Presenter Search on 3 finalists Peelo Mookodi and Shannon Leibach became the next contestants to be eliminated from the reality competition which has searched the country for three new faces to join SABC 3. 

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After a challenging Expresso takeover, the contestants were given a taste of the good life with their very own segment on SABC 3’s flagship lifestyle magazine show Top Billing as they got a chance to showcase fine dining, celebrity interviews and cutting-edge design in the way Top Billing is famous for.

Unfortunately, Shannon’s road on Presenter Search on 3 came to a halt in what was easily one of the most dramatic episodes of the season so far. Jeannie D was disappointed that Shannon is still fluffing his lines up at this stage in the competition. “You have got to get those lines very quickly. What happens is if you are put into a situation when you interviewing Madonna, you only have one take with Madonna, you don’t have a chance to do another link or to ask her a question again – and that’s the kind of level you have to be at with Top Billing.” Patience added that Shannon “had a disastrous beginning” to his insert. “We have very limited time on shoots. A presenter has to be so sharp and get the pronunciation of people’s names right the first time and not the fourth or fifth time.”For the final two episodes of Presenter Search on 3, the Top 6 will be jetting off to Reunion Island as they are put through the ropes in the hopes of showing the judges that they do have what it takes to be one of the three new faces who will join either Expresso, Top Billing or Afternoon Express. The final stretch has arrived and, this time, there is no space for error. 

Q&A With Shannon Leibach

What has been the highlight of your time on Presenter Search on 3

Expresso! The presenters were so kind and friendly and there was such a great vibe on set. It has always been the show I’ve wanted to host and being given a chance to experience the thrill of it all met my expectations and exceeded them.

What has been the biggest lesson this experience has taught you? 

The biggest lesson the show has taught me is patience. I’m young. I’ve got so much time and I need to spend it honing the craft. This is just the beginning. I also need to be more comfortable with my crazy colloquial comedian self.

How would you describe your presenting style? 

My presenting style is spunky! Crazy, cute, mischievous and cheeky, but all in good taste and founded in wit.

 In 2015, you won a scholarship to The New York Film Academy, how has learning the art of performance helped you with your journey on Presenter Search on 3?

Performance is how I got so far in the competition. Everything from voice to physicalising to knowing how to address an audience I learned through my experience with drama and the arts.

What would your ideal show be to host? 

I would love to host something like The Graham Norton Show. It’s amazing! The actors all feel like they want to be there and the show seems like so much fun. As an actor, I learn so much from the show. It’s an hour of classy comedy and good stories which, to me, is TV gold.

Now that your time on the show has come to an end, what is the next chapter for you? 

I have one more semester left until I finish my degree and then I will be devoting some time to a YouTube channel, dabbling in radio and obviously putting on the occasional show with my theatre friends.

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