Who Is Teresa Fidalgo, And Is Her Story Real?

Have you ever received a chilling message on social media about a vengeful ghost named Teresa Fidalgo? If so, you’ve encountered a well-known internet hoax that’s been circulating for years. This article dives into the creepy story of Teresa Fidalgo, unpacking why it’s not real and where this internet ghost originated. We’ll explore the tactics used in this hoax and provide tips on how to identify similar online fabrications.

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Who Is Teresa Fidalgo?

Teresa Fidalgo is a name linked to a well-known internet hoax, not a real person. The story goes around that she was a young woman who died in a car accident and now haunts people online.

Is The Story Of Teresa Fidalgo Real?

No, the story of Teresa Fidalgo is not real. It’s a fictional internet hoax spread as a creepypasta, designed to scare people. Here’s why:

  • No Evidence: There’s no credible record of Teresa Fidalgo or the car accident mentioned in the story.
  • Debunked by Creator: The short film “A Curva” (The Curve) was mistakenly believed to be based on a true story, but the producer himself confirmed it’s fictional.
  • Chain Letter Tactics: The story spreads through social media messages that pressure users to share it or face supernatural consequences. This tactic is a common element of internet hoaxes.

So, if you come across anything about Teresa Fidalgo, you can safely ignore it.

Is Teresa Fidalgo’s Message Real?

Teresa Fidalgo’s message is absolutely not real. It’s part of the same internet hoax we discussed earlier. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Fictional Character: Teresa Fidalgo herself is made up, not a real person.
  • Scary Story Tactic: The message is designed to scare you into sharing it with others. This is a common tactic in creepypastas, which are internet horror stories.
  • No Haunting Power: There’s no basis for the claim that her ghost can harm you through social media.

So, if you receive a message supposedly from Teresa Fidalgo, you can just delete it. Don’t feel pressured to share it to avoid any hauntings – it’s simply a hoax.

When Did Teresa Fidalgo Die?

The idea of Teresa Fidalgo dying in a car accident is part of the internet hoax. There isn’t any factual evidence to support a specific date or even confirm her existence.

While the story claims a 1983 car accident in Sintra, Portugal, this detail likely adds a layer of believability to the fictional narrative.

Teresa Fidalgo FAQs: Unveiling the Internet Hoax

The name Teresa Fidalgo might send shivers down your spine if you’ve encountered the internet legend. But fear not, this FAQ section will shed light on the truth behind the story.

Q: Who is Teresa Fidalgo?

A: Teresa Fidalgo is a fictional character, not a real person. The internet story portrays her as a vengeful ghost.

Q: Is her story real?

A: Absolutely not. There’s no evidence to support her existence or the car accident mentioned in the story.

Q: How does the hoax spread?

A: The story typically spreads through social media messages claiming her ghost will haunt you if you don’t share it. This tactic is similar to chain letters of the past.

Q: Where did the story originate?

A: The exact origin is unclear, but it likely started as internet folklore or a scary story (creepypasta) for entertainment purposes. Some mistakenly believe it’s linked to a short film called “A Curva,” but the producer confirmed it’s entirely fictional.

Q: What should I do if I receive a message about Teresa Fidalgo?

A: Simply ignore it and don’t share it further. Sharing perpetuates the hoax and might scare others.

Q: Are there other things to watch out for?

A: Yes. Similar hoaxes might use scare tactics to pressure you into sharing. If something seems unbelievable or uses emotional manipulation, it’s wise to check for reliable sources before sharing.


In conclusion, the story of Teresa Fidalgo is an urban legend that has captivated the internet and sparked curiosity and fear among many. While the origins of the legend remain unclear, it has been widely circulated through social media, websites, and videos claiming to depict paranormal encounters with Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost. Despite the lack of evidence supporting the existence of Teresa Fidalgo or the events described in the legend, it continues to intrigue and frighten individuals around the world. Ultimately, Teresa Fidalgo serves as a reminder of the power of storytelling and the enduring allure of supernatural tales in contemporary culture.

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