SK Khoza fires The Queen Mzansi to Twitter trends list

Sthembiso SK Khoza has been in the news lately with many Mzansi television viewers writing off the former iNkaba, Housekeepers and Kings of Joburg actor. But if ever anyone exemplified the saying “down but not out” it is SK Khoza, the man who has overcome previous media negativity. The former Bounce presenter shocked everyone by his unexpected appearance during what was arguably the most memorable episode of The Queen Mzansi this year.

Brutus leaves KZN for Joburg

In the last instalment of Rewind Mzansi, I promised to talk about Brutus and his family. After Harriet threw him out, Brutus went back to his rural home in KwaZulu Natal. There we meet his four sons Bhambatha, Mlungisi, Cebo’elihle and daddy’s favourite, Nkosiyabo. Back in January of 2022, Ferguson Films casting director Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson announced that the film company was in search of four men to play Brutus Khoza’s sons.

Ferguson Films later announced that they had made their final choice for the four roles. Khumbuza Meyiwa plays the black sheep of the family, Bhambatha Khoza. Mlungisi Khoza is played by Siphesihle Vazi, Ntobeko Mathebula won the right to portray Cebo Khoza and Craig Nobela plays Brutus’s golden boy, Nkosiyabo Khoza, who probably has to have an iron jaw because he is always getting beaten up by other villagers as well as his older brothers.

As I stated in last week’s edition, the versatile Nomsa Buthelezi, aka Gomorrah Diva, plays MaJali, the mother of Brutus’ sons. Having raised the boys on her own, MaJali often has to reign in her sons when their disrespect, the result of Brutus’ long absence, is evident towards their father. The most resentful son is Bhambatha who, to nobody’s surprise, is Brutus’ least favourite. Cebo is somewhat the brightest and Mlungisi is as feisty as his older brother Bhambatha. Daddy’s golden boy Nkosiyabo pretty much wakes up each morning and asks himself, “how can I get into trouble today?”

If SK Khoza were to return to The Queen Mzansi, Nkosiyabo would be Shaka’s strongest competition for Brutus’ favourite.

A copy and paste version of his father, Nkosiyabo has impregnated a neighbour’s daughter, for which the girl’s brothers give him a thorough beating. When Brutus’ sons learn of how their father was expelled from the Khoza mansion and cut off from the family business, they begin to push him into taking back what their uncle Mzi Khoza built. But Brutus had decided he would not be going back. After more pressure from the sons, Brutus finally capitulates. Despite her protests, MaJali joins her husband and sons on the long drive back to Gauteng where the least stupid son, Cebo has purchased a house online, at the behest of Brutus.

Sleeping in the enemy’s bed

As Brutus drove into his new neighbourhood, he was struck by the familiarity of the surroundings. But still he drove on. Soon the vehicle came to a stop at a gate where an estate agent stood. From Brutus’ hand, Cebo caught the slap that would normally have been reserved for SK Khoza ’s character, Shaka. Cebo the genius of the family had unwittingly bought Sebata’s old home! Brutus refused to enter the house and drove away while his Jimmy comes to Jozi wife, MaJali and her kids happily rushed into their new home. Brutus went to vent and drown his sorrows at the visibly amused Noma Matshikiza’s restaurant.

When Brutus finally returned home, he brought Gatsheni to cleanse the house of evil Sebata spirits. If you do believe in evil spirits then you will know there are many such ghosts in the house because Sebata sold it with curtains, sofas, cups, teaspoons and all!

Once Brutus settled into the newly cleansed house, he began to move in on Harriet’s territory.  Brutus, who personally buried the body of the dead prostitute after overdosing on coke in drug supplier Santiago’s bed, used this to blackmail the Colombian into supplying him with 100% pure. I know this was just for the sake of moving the story forward but I distinctly recall that it was Kagiso and Shaka who took care of the disposal of the dead woman. Suddenly it was Brutus and Shaka? Respect us please, writers.

Corner House under new management

Siyanda contacted Vuyiswa and told her she had put the Corner House on the market. Vuyiswa then bought the Corner House and appointed Patronella manager, assisted by Schumacher as shift manager. But Patronella demanded more. She sulked and threatened to “leave Vuyiswa in her house”, as she demanded 50% ownership!

After days of tension between the two women, Vuyiswa eventually caved in. She gave Patronella 50% ownership and renamed the Corner House KwaPatty. Talk about being a pushover! Not only has Vuyiswa given an entire house to Patronella but she has now handed over half of her entire investment in the Corner House. Soon she will give half her teeth to that woman.

Still on Vuyiswa, there was a major foul up in the hospital scene where Sis Vee inspects her “recent” ultrasound scan printout. The scan is dated April 2010. Furthermore, the well developed foetus does not match Vuyiswa’s flat stomach. Perhaps she is one of those lucky women who can carry a baby to full term while still showing a bodybuilder’s six pack.

Harriet says yes!

The ink hadn’t yet dried on Hector and Vuyiswa’s divorce papers when the Tembisa Police station commander, with the help of niece Olerato, got Harriet away from the Khoza mansion. When Harriet returned home, she found her patio all lit up and romantic with Hector dressed up for what may or may not be dinner. He dropped to his knee and unveiled an engagement ring. Harriet, who has slept alone since killing Mzi Khoza in season one, 2016, was not going to say no to her first real chance at happiness. She said yes, ending the six cold winters she has endured in her bedroom.

But daddy’s girl Thando, now living in the Khoza mansion, objected. She felt they were rushing things. A pep talk from Olerato soon caused Thando’s change of heart. Thando gave her blessing and plans for the hurriedly arranged wedding went ahead.

SK Khoza steals Harriet’s wedding limelight

The wedding venue was idyllic, the pianist played beautifully, and Lira’s beautiful voice was surpassed only by Connie Ferguson’s jaw dropping splendour in a glittery peach gown. Ferguson Films also went all out on the cast with Harriet’s mom Kedibone Kgosi (real name Nupi Makhubo) and Kagiso making a welcome return. The wedding day episode also featured a The Queen Mzansi-The River crossover with Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana (real name Sindi Dlathu) supporting her friend Harriet on her grand day. But the most wonderful surprise was yet to come. As Harriet and Hector exchanged vows, and as the bride’s mom clasped her hands with joy, in the shadows, an assassin assembled his rifle. Were we to see yet more bloodshed at a Khoza wedding?

Peering from a corner appeared the hoody-wearing face of SK Khoza. Shaka! The pictures swung from the happy couple accepting congratulatory speeches of friends to SK Khoza assembling his murder weapon. When finally the sniper rifle was in one piece, Shaka pressed the weapon to his cheek and shut one eye. First Thando appeared in the kill circle of the telescope and then Hector where SK Khoza’s eye settled. This was his target. Across the entire Mzansi, all the disloyal viewers of The Queen Mzansi, back in front of their TVs, held their breath. But there was no gunshot. Shaka dismantled his rifle and put it back in its case and snuck out of the venue, as invisibly as he has entered. But the part that warmed my heart was a shot of Shaka’s bumper sticker, BALANCE ME REAL QUICK, a sentimental reference to SK Khoza ’s favourite line from The Queen Mzansi. Even though the network no longer wants him on the show, clearly his colleagues still have a lot of love for the banished actor.

On the night of the wedding, The Queen Mzansi rocketed back to the top of Twitter trends list, something we hadn’t seen in months. He has had his troubles but you can’t deny the SK Khoza impact. What I find rather odd, if not disturbing, is how Somizi Motaung and Mamphintsha, known abusers of their spouses, were both rewarded with reality TV shows. But SK Khoza, who it must be stated hasn’t been convicted of any crime, has been cast aside. This is in no way support for violence on women. I just feel that the rules seem to have been changed for other actors while SK Khoza is made an example. Until Shaka left the show, The Queen Mzansi was a bankable show which nobody would have put on the cancel list. As we speak, Mnet is still running Riky Rick condolences. Where was this love for him when he was still breathing?

Off screen, SK Khoza is obviously dealing with some issues, all of which may not have happened if he was still gainfully employed. If anything were to happen to Sthembiso Khoza, Mnet would be first to utter RIP messages.

Till next week, my pen is capped

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