BBC World News spotlights Pan African Independent record label, Vth Season

South African based Independent record label and leading creative music marketing agency, Vth Season, was the center of attention this past weekend with a BBC World News “In Business Africa” spotlight focus broadcasting to over a billion people worldwide.

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The BBC World News identified Vth Season as a leading Pan African Independent record label making a mark on the continent and spoke to the co-founder and COO, Ninel Musson, about how Vth Season has adapted to the adverse impact on the 50 billion USD global music industry spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The BBC World News also highlighted some of the Vth Season’s music catalogue by some of their talent such as AKA, Ami Faku, Benny Afroe and Manu WorldStar.

“It’s great to be identified by a global news network that recognises the work that we’re doing on the continent and the impact that we’re making despite the global pandemic,” expresses Ninel Musson.

Since the national lockdown started in March 2020, Vth Season has released over 30 singles during this period. Whilst many labels and musicians may have slowed down due to the effects of the coronavirus on the music and entertainment industries, Vth Season used their agility as a boutique label to release more music than usual, benefitting from the cost effect digital release model and encouraging their artist to keep creating.

“We’ve created a mobile studio set up for our artists that sends them the tools to record music at home in a safe environment. The lockdown has affected creativity and moods in different ways and musicians can be inspired by all types of situations – even lockdown, or the coronavirus pandemic,” shares Ninel Musson.

BBC World News Vth Season

Vth Season started the year on a high note with 10 singles on the Radiomonitor Top 100 Chart including taking the number #1 spot for AKA’s F.R.E.E featuring Riky Rick and DJ Tira.

In spite of the global pandemic, Vth Season has remained on an upward trajectory with their music releases which have achieved gold and platinum selling statuses, topped the Musica bestselling chart, consistently feature on key charts on digital stores such as Apple Music and Spotify, and have numerous singles on the Radiomonitor Top 100 Chart weekly, just to highlight a few.

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