Brutus fails to kill Harriet and Hector

As MaJali rested her head on a pile of hospital pillows, recovering from the gunshot wound inflicted on her by Hector and Harriet, she had no idea that her husband Brutus was keeping secrets from her. But secrets, like concealed pregnancy, have a way of coming out in the open. MaJali soon became acutely aware of Brutus and his sons’ evasiveness each time she asked why the birthday party of a simple KZN woman had been the scene of a bloody gun battle. After pushing Brutus, he finally told her that Harriet had retaliated for the attack on her cocaine business. Brutus expected anger from MaJali, he had brought her to Joburg under false pretence and then endangered her life. But MaJali’s reaction surprised him more than Harriet’s birthday siege.

“I want Harriet dead!” fumed MaJali.

Killing Harriet was no longer just Brutus Khoza’s ambition. It was an order from his wife, and men tend to obey their women.

Schumacher regains job but loses reputation

It takes a lifetime to earn people’s trust, but just the blink of an eye to lose it. Especially if you already had a reputation for poor judgement.

After Sis Pat grovelled and pleaded, Schumacher forgave her for the false accusation of theft. He withdrew the defamation of character charges. In exchange Patronella gave him his old job back, assistant manager of KwaPatty’s diner.

When Schumacher returned to work, Patronella ate humble pie, in front of the staff, to whom she explained that Schumacher hadn’t stolen the money. The mistake was hers. But the waiters had already tried and convicted Schumacher in the court of public opinion. More than once, he overheard them speaking about him in unflattering terms. They watched him closely each time he opened the cash register. The trust was gone.

Back at the Zulu home, Schumacher called a family meeting. He spoke frankly and without malice. Schumacher reminded Sis Pat of the times she stole Gracious Mabuza’s dresses and sold them. He pointed out to Georgina her financial troubles when she got involved with Skhali, the knee-breaking loan shark. Both women were clearly embarrassed to have their colourful past held up to their faces. Schumacher had made his point: everyone has made mistakes in the past but the world had forgiven and forgotten. Except Schumacher will always be stigmatized as the thief. Despite Georgina’s tearful pleas, Schumacher said his goodbyes and left to join his brother Buntu in Vereeniging.

As person left Patronella, another returned. Vuyiswa arrived, back from the Eastern Cape with her baby bump now showing. Georgina, a cop trained to spot everything, was stunned. Vuyiswa’s secret pregnancy was out in the open.

Bhambatha finds Harriet’s Achilles

After the failed assault on Brutus’ home, Harriet and Hector knew that they had missed their small window of opportunity. Brutus would retaliate.

It wasnt long before they were proved right. Acting alone, hothead Mlungisi Khoza waited outside Harriet’s gate. As Olerato arrived home, Mlungisi opened fire, shattering the back window of her car. Luckily she escaped unhurt. Harriet and Hector agreed to take the kids away, lay low in Brazil to avoid further attack.

Meanwhile, Thando, forever the rebel, was sending apologetic voicemail messages to Bhambatha who no longer wanted anything to do with her. As Brutus pondered assault strategy on Harriet, Bhambatha saw a way in. He made a date with Thando, they were to meet outside the Khoza mansion gate. Against Olerato’s advice, Thando agreed to the meeting. When she walked out the gate, she found her sweetheart waiting. He embraced her, but it was the Judas kiss. Her senses numbed by love, Thando never smelt Bhambatha’s cologne – eau de treachery. Brutus and sons materialised all around a wide-eyed Thando.

“Thando, today you…. (he gestured towards heaven)” said Brutus with trademark toothpick between his lips.

Harriet had dismissed the day guards, in anticipation of the night watchmen. But computer whiz kid, Cebo, had hacked the security company and cancelled the guards. Brutus, Bhambatha, Mulungisi, Cebo and Nkosi sauntered into the living room, behind Thando who had a gun against her back.

Brutus defeats Harriet

The Khoza men found Hector, Harriet and Olerato all packed and ready to flee to Brazil. It was so convenient that everyone was in one place. Bhambatha wheeled in three giant gas cannisters. The gas mask over his face suggested that Brutus and sons had not come with family braai intentions The rest of the Khoza men covered their faces with gas masks. Harriet and family were tied down before gas was released into the room. As the captives grew drowsy, Brutus gave the instruction to untie them. The boys then wrecked the living room, to create the impression of a home invasion and robbery gone awry. Everyone else had passed out, except Harriet who tried, in vain, to crawl away from danger. She finally passed out with Brutus standing over her.

But as he descended the front steps, Brutus had flashbacks of past events, the shared experiences with Harriet. Overcome with the feelings he thought had long gone, Brutus turned back and rescued “Sisi” Harriet.

Brutus had won but had failed to strike the kill blow.

Vuyiswa suddenly remembers to act pregnant

It’s hilarious how Vuyiswa had a flat stomach for moooonths after finding out she was pregnant. Perhaps the Ferguson Films props director had forgotten to order a theatre pregnancy bump from Amazon, angazi. Suddenly Vuyiswa looks noticeably pregnant after just two weeks in Eastern Cape. Major eye-roll.

I just love how the Khoza mansion guards never fail to disappoint. For all their fire power, Harriet’s security is as leaky as a Rooibos teabag. Even I could do a better job of protecting The Queen.

Till next time, my pen is capped

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