Gomora: Thathi learns that men are trash

Thathi, Mam Sonto and the gang are back on Mzansi Magic after a break in production caused by the national lockdown. I’m sure I speak for an entire continent when I say I missed Jomo’s laugh. Sadly, all that remains of Jomo is his eerie laugh, the very peculiarity which led to his arrest and, later, his death in police custody.

Following weeks of verbal exchanges and veiled attacks, the conflict between the two sisters, Thathi and Pretty took a shocking turn. More on that later

Back to business

After laying low for a while, Mam Sonto’s car theft ring has resumed operations. But the Bible thumping crime boss is short of manpower on account of Jomo’s death. She suddenly got it into her head that Ntokozo would be the ideal partner for Zanele. Of course, Ntokozo was not too keen on a career in crime. It took threats and cajoling from Sonto and Zanele respectively.
Ntokozo is still haunted by the death of Mbongeni whose ghost visited him in the form of a panic attack moments before he and Zanele were to begin their illegal work. But in the end, the youngster overcame his fear and got to work.

Guess who else is panicking?

Melusi Dlamini saw his son talking to Zanele — the former Gomora Secondary bad girl — and feared the worse. Then came the awkward father-son sex talk during which Principal Dlamini gave his son a box of condoms and offered to demonstrate the correct use of prophylactics… on a cucumber. Ntokozo declined the offer. If Dlamini knew his son was mixed up with car thieves, he might just be okay with him having premarital sex.

Thathi gets good news

Thathi was thrilled to receive a text message from an old friend who she described as her ticket out of rat infested Gomora. Uncle Rodney Mkhize is a friend of her late husband as well as her children’s godfather. After a meeting at his mansion, Rodney who has business interests all over the world, presented Thathi with what seemed like a life altering offer; a multi-million Rand government tender.

Tender for tender flesh

When Thathi shared the news with her family, the ever sarcastic Pretty cocked her eyebrow. No man does anything for free she said. Thathi, desperate to escape the squalor of Alex, brushed off her sister. But the battle of words between the sisters became physical when Thathi jabbed her finger against Pretty’s forehead and called her names. Wapa! Pretty Slapped Thathi and a kitchen brawl ensued. Sadly, Mam Sonto intervened before I could get myself a bowl of popcorn!

Later, Rodney showered Thathi’s kids with trinkets before taking their mother aside. Feeling grateful, Thathi hugged Rodney — an innocent embrace between family friends. Until she felt his hand on her backside!
From there on, it was pointless for Mkhize to pretend; the cards were laid out on the table. He put forward his indecent proposal.

Tender for her tender flesh

Of course when Thathi told her mother, the feisty Sonto wanted Rodney’s home address so that she could personally deal with him. To Sonto’s horror, Thathi who misses her life of opulence began to warm to the idea of sleeping with Mkhize. There is no greater irony than when Mam Sonto —a car thief and killer — judged her daughter for even considering transactional sex.

After days of consideration, Thathi dressed up in a fine evening gown and presented herself to Mkhize. After medicating himself with old man medicine, Mkhize was ready for what he had long fantasized about. But at the final minute, Thathi changed her mind. From nowhere came Mkhize’s worst side. He tore up the tender agreement and issued a volley of insults. The deal was off.

Ntokozo sinks deeper into crime

Principal Dlamini has been an educator for over two decades. It is no wonder that he can smell disaster before it befalls a pupil. Concerned that his son might be lured onto the crime sodden streets of Alex, he suggested that Ntokozo uses his free time to tutor the less gifted pupils. But it’s too little too late.

Langa, Melusi’s other son – except Melusi doesn’t know it yet – began tutoring the slower kids. But while his half brother was playing school teacher, Ntokozo was out stealing cars with Mazet for Mam Sonto. I hope the boy has a good pair of shoes. He is on a slippery slope.

Till next week, my pen is capped


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