The Queen: Kagiso chooses family over girlfriend

Last week, Kagiso was faced with two choices; family or bae.
The Ferguson Films production, The Queen kept its perfect record of continued episodes in spite of disruptions in the industry due to the national lockdown. In fact, of the big four Mzansi Magic telenovelas – The River, The Queen, Isibaya and Gomora – only The Queen will show current episodes this week.

Black tax killing Georgina

Georgina, the slay cop, has taken on a secret night time job, presumably to make up for the R28,000 she gave to her demanding mother, Patronella. But the warrant officer is quickly discovering that a job is like a marriage, if you get a side husband, the main bae will lack attention. Even Musa Mseleku, the expert on polygamy cannot help Georgina as she suffers from the demands of serving two masters. The now permanently exhausted Georgina barely has a moment to take a bath between her moonlight gig and the day job at Tembisa Police Station. The first sign of Barbie doll cop’s fatigue was when her supervisor, Vuyiswa, found her sleeping on the job – and that is not some sort of expression. She really was asleep at her desk. When Vuyiswa roused her from her slumber, Georgina, showing speed of thought, said she was thinking with her eyes closed.

Then there was the tell-tale uniform mix-up. Georgina arrived at Tembisa Police with her security guard cap on instead of the one issued to her by the SAPS. Quickly improvising an explanation, she began to sound like that forgotten rapper, Psyfo – she told Captain Radebe and Jola-Maake about “umuntu wami”. Georgina told her bosses that the cap belonged to her boyfriend, a security guard. As the dereliction of duty worsened, Radebe issued Georgina with a formal warning. If Georgina managed to fool Radebe with the boyfriend fib, she had no such luck with the Robocop. Jerry Maake is a human lie detector and he saw through the deception, after he caught Georgina at home in full security guard attire. As a result, there was a further lecture waiting for Georgina at the police station.

Through Georgina’s double life of security guard and cop, the struggles of a black child are summed up rather neatly; we are not successful until we have provided for the parents who made sacrifices to raise us.

The double life of Kagiso Khoza

Speaking of duplicity, Kagiso must be a Gemini. The sometimes sweet, sometimes creepy, and sometimes unfaithful ex air force pilot continued helping Siyanda with her studies. To make sure she does not succumb to the temptation of drugs, he drove her to work and picked her up at knock off time. Siyanda began to feel claustrophobic from all the policing. While he was not hounding Siyanda, Kagiso was at the Mabuza house, “changing lightbulbs” for Goodness – wink wink. Anyway, after repeatedly changing Goodness’ light bulb – wink wink – Kagiso appeared in her living room, in a bathrobe. All the adults watching at home know what sort of bulbs he had changed. When Kagiso confided in Goodness about Siyanda’s little problem with contraband substances, the cunning ex-girlfriend – wait, if you are still sleeping with your ex, is she really your ex or just the side chick – urged him to dump her.

Siyanda says no to drugs

Siyanda appeared to have turned a new leaf. Despite work and school pressure, she managed to overcome the temptation to snort the secret stash of cocaine that she carried in her purse. Siyanda sat at her desk doing college assignments. In front of her was a framed family portrait of the Khozas, which seemed to watch over her. For a moment, Siyanda seemed to want a line of coke. But the picture-framed Khozas must have smiled as she returned the coke into her purse.

Sadly, Siyanda’s resolve eventually melted. And what a time to choose to fall off the wagon. Siyanda had just received accolades at work from Thato, had Brutus calling on Kagiso to marry her and Harriet, the woman who is suspicious of anyone who falls for her son, had just swapped family recipes with her! In the midst of the Siyanda praise, her nose began to bleed, right there in that expensively furnished living room. Siyanda bolted from the room, leaving Kagiso to try and do what Georgina had done with Captain Radebe.

“She spent too much time in the sun,” said Kagiso to his mother.

But Harriet is no fool. Kagiso eventually admitted that his girlfriend is an addict. Suddenly the people who had her marked as the perfect makoti, Harriet and Brutus, wanted her out of the Khoza mansion.

Kagiso chooses family over bae

Siyanda has worked hard to not only win Kagiso the rich bachelor but also the acceptance of the judgemental Khozas. She was not about to give up so easily. She stood her ground and even had the liver to tell Harriet that she, the drug queen, was in no position to judge junkies. Then came the bedroom argument between Siyanda and Kagiso.

‘You scored behind my back!” screamed Kagiso.

The irony in Kagiso’s accusation is bright red like an ambulance flashlight. Kagiso had been doing some “scoring” of his own at the Mabuza mansion.

To cut a long story short, Kagiso, under pressure from his mother and prodded from behind by Goodness, finally dumped Siyanda.

My brother’s keeper

Schumacher’s brother, Buntu, has done nothing but party with girls and get into fist fights, the most recent having been caused by him grabbing a fistful of a woman’s – um, er – restricted area. And in all his fights, he hasn’t dropped his Xhosa cap! But in a moment of weakness, the feisty young man broke down and cried. We finally learned the reason for his instability. Just like Schumacher, Buntu is the victim of his father’s abuse. Even though Schumacher has employed a big brotherly strong arm to reign in Buntu, one can’t help but notice that he has also shown a leniency that can only be the result of a guilty conscience. Schumacher had to crash at Mjekejeke’s house when Buntu brought home a girl from the bar. By his own admission, Schumacher blames himself for Buntu getting into trouble with the law and for the abuse he suffered back home.

Fergusons bring out the big guns

Lately, even die-hard fans of The Queen have noted that the show has lacked, I don’t know…. that thing. Like a paramedic with a defibrillator, The Fergusons have moved swiftly to try and their brainchild back into life. “Charging to 200, clear!”

Just when fans of The Queen had popped champagne – wait, there is a liquor ban – popped imaginary champagne at the news of SK Khoza, Menzi Ngubane and Jessica Nkosi’s imminent arrival, there comes further announcement. Brenda Ngxoli, previously on another Ferguson Films show, Rockville, will also be joining. Look out Gomora, The Queen wants her crown back.

Pic cred: Facebook Mzansi Magic

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